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Community involvement team


Help the MIT community to better understand the need for sweeping changes in administrative processes and procedures selected for reengineering.

Develop with the faculty, student and staff customers of MIT's administrative processes a shared vision of success in reengineering.

Systematically solicit and incorporate the views, ideas and the direct participation of faculty, students and staff in the ongoing effort

Maintain a regular flow of information to the MIT community about the current status of reengineering projects.

Maintain and engage the strong sense of community at MIT as results of reengineering begin to unfold.


Weekly, informacommunity lunch-time discussions, featuring the project teams

RegularTech Talk feature articles and information notes on ReE and the teams

Assistance to teams in development of Home Pages and related information on the World Wide Web

Maintain information postings to Tech Info

E-Maiupdates and notification to Administrative Officers, PhysicaPlant Information Brokers and other interested groups throughout MIT

Invited presentations and status updates on projects to faculty and staff groups

Informal, community-wide Open Houses

Consultation with other teams for assistance with and coordination of their community involvement programs

Regular conduit for feedback, suggestions and observations about reengineering and the current project activities

Develop new activities to inform and involve segments of the Institute community

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 1, 1995.

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