American Academy Elects 10

Ten MIT faculty members were elected as Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences at its 212th annual meeting on April 8. The new MIT fellows and their departments are: Professors George S. Boolos (Linguistics and Philosophy), H. Kent Bowen (Materials Science and Engineering), Sylvia T. Ceyer (Chemistry), Sallie W. Chisholm (Civil Engineering), Rudolph Jaenisch (Biology), Paul R. Krugman (Economics), Barbara H. Liskov (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Robert MacPherson (Mathematics), Robert Stalnaker (Linguistics and Philosophy) and Jack Wisdom (Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences). Their election brings to 219 the number of active and emeriti faculty members who are Academy fellows. For over two centuries, the Academy, located in Cambridge, has brought together the country's leading figures from universities, government, business and the creative arts to exchange ideas and to promote knowledge for the public interest.

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April 29, 1992

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