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Smarter caching

Cleverer management of the local memory banks known as ‘caches’ could improve computer chips’ performance while reducing their energy consumption.

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Chips as mini Internets

The data-routing techniques that undergird the Internet could increase the efficiency of multicore chips while lowering their power requirements.

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Testing unbuilt chips

A new software-simulation system promises much more accurate evaluation of promising — but potentially fault-ridden — multicore-chip designs.

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A snippet of code from the Cilk language showing the 'spawn' and 'sync' commands.

Language barrier

To take advantage of multicore chips, programmers will need software development systems that let them express themselves in fundamentally new ways.

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The next operating system

Operating systems for multicore chips will need more information about their own performance — and more resources for addressing whatever problems arise.

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Designing the hardware

Improving communication between distributed processors and managing shared data are two of the central challenges in creating tomorrow’s chips.

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An image of a Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processor

Parallel course

As chip makers turn to multiple 'cores' to improve performance, MIT researchers help ease programmers' transition to parallel programming.

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