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Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed reporter Carl Straumsheim writes about the results from the first group of students to participate in MIT’s MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management. Sanjay Sarma, MIT’s vice president for open learning, explains that the MicroMasters model has proven to be, “an extraordinary fishing line for talent.”


Writing for CNBC, Ali Montag highlights MIT’s MicroMasters programs and how they offer students around the world a new path to a graduate degree. Montag notes that passing students from the MicroMasters in data, economics and development policy, “are eligible to apply for a master's program on campus at MIT.”


Prof. Esther Duflo speaks with WBUR’s Fred Thys about MIT’s MicroMasters in development economics. Thys explains that the new MicroMasters program allows students, “to take rigorous courses online for credit, and if they perform well on exams, to apply for a master's degree program on campus.”

Inside Higher Ed

MIT recently piloted a full-credit online course for residential students, reports Nick Roll for Inside Higher Ed. Roll writes that, “a recently released study of the class found students not only performed well but also…reported feeling less stress and having more flexibility.”

Chronicle of Higher Education

Anant Agarwal, president of edX, speaks with Goldie Blumenstyk of The Chronicle of Higher Education about edX’s commitment to expanding access to education. EdX is focused on maximizing, “the impact and the good that we can do to the world,” says Agarwal, adding that edX is working with universities to “reimagine education, both on university campuses and online.”

Times Higher Education

President L. Rafael Reif speaks with Ellie Bothwell of Times Higher Education about MIT’s efforts to study how people learn and the future of education. Reif notes that at MIT, education is interdisciplinary and focused on bringing “knowledge from different areas…Problems are problems. You have to solve them with whatever knowledge you can get.”

Inside Higher Ed

Researchers at MIT and Stanford found that assuring online learners that they belong in a course increased persistence and course completion rates for people in less developed countries, writes Carl Straumsheim for Inside Higher Ed. The findings suggest that something “as simple as a one-time, 10-minute exercise can double persistence and completion rates” for at-risk learners. 


In an article about how employers can help encourage their workers to learn new skills, The Economist highlights how “MIT has launched an initiative to conduct interdisciplinary research into the mechanics of learning and to apply the conclusions to its own teaching, both online and offline.”

Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed reporter Carl Straumsheim writes that researchers from MIT and Harvard have released the latest findings from an ongoing study analyzing learner engagement and behavior in 290 MOOCs. Among other findings, researchers found that “about one-third (32 percent) of the people who participate in edX MOOCs work or used to work as teachers.”


Anant Agarwal, president of edX, writes for The Huffington Post that MicroMasters programs, which provide new pathways to master’s degrees through online and on-campus courses, could help close the skills gap. Agarwal notes that MIT’s MicroMasters pilot in Supply Chain Management, “demonstrates the innovative power of MicroMasters to expand access to higher education at a truly massive scale.”


WGBH reporter Kirk Carapezza explores MIT’s MicroMasters program in Supply Chain Management, which allows students to complete a master’s degree through online and on-campus courses. Student Danaka Porter explains that the program provides an opportunity to “get education from a fantastic university, as well as be able to continue to keep working.”

US News & World Report

In an article for U.S. News & World Report exploring MOOC-based credential options, Jordan Friedman highlights the MITx MicroMasters program in supply chain management. “Students who earn the MicroMasters can, if admitted, apply their credential to MIT's supply chain management master's program,” writes Friedman. 


In an interview with EFE, President L. Rafael Reif describes the importance of educational opportunity and how online education can provide students around the world a chance to learn. "It's very empowering, especially for people who are in the middle of nowhere and no longer need to win the lottery to enter," explains Reif.


Martha White of Money writes about MIT’s MicroMasters program, a pilot that provides students an opportunity to gain a master’s degree through online and on-campus courses. "Experts say this could be a breakthrough because MIT and the other schools rolling out similar graduate degree on-ramp programs have excellent academic reputations,” writes White. 

Bloomberg News

The MicroMasters model MIT launched as a pilot last year to provide students a new path to a master’s degree is being adopted by 13 universities, reports Peter Coy for Bloomberg. President L. Rafael Reif explained that the MicroMasters concept is "an important project for me. I believe in the model of empowering people."