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Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER)

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Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Marvin Pave profiles sophomore Jeremy Bogle, who earned All-American honors last year for his work on the water polo team. “Jeremy embraces the sport with the healthiest attitude I have ever seen,’’ says MIT coach Dave Andriole. 

Boston Globe

MIT sophomore Maryann Gong has been named the NCAA Division III Women's Track Athlete of the Year. According to The Boston Globe, “Gong is the fifth Engineer to win the award.”

Boston Herald

MIT basketball coach Larry Anderson speaks with Tom Layman of the Boston Herald following his 300th win as the Engineers’ head coach. “I can’t think of any profession I’d rather be in right now than coaching basketball at MIT,” says Anderson. “It’s a pretty special place.”

Boston Globe

The Boston Globe reports on the MIT football team’s victory in the first round of the NCAA Division 3 playoffs. The Engineers kicked a field goal to force overtime, “then got a 13-yard touchdown pass from Peter Williams to Seve Esparrago to pull out a 27-20 victory over Husson.”

The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Cohen takes a look at the revival of the MIT football program, which after being disbanded in 1901 was resurrected as a student-run squad in 1978. “They deserve a lot of credit for where we are today,” says MIT President L. Rafael Reif of MIT’s founding football players.

NBC News

Ron Mott of NBC News reports on the MIT football team and its first undefeated season. “It’s not hard to motivate them because they are very intelligent, very motivated, very passionate about what they are trying to accomplish in every facet of their lives,” says Engineers Head Coach Chad Martinovich. 

The Wall Street Journal

When students at MIT banded together in 1978 to form a football team, another group of students came together to start the Institute’s marching band, writes Ben Cohen for The Wall Street Journal. “You have to have a marching band if you have a football team,” said marching band co-founder Tom Gaul.

ABC News

Rheana Murray of ABC News spotlights the undefeated MIT football team. "It's nice to see our players get this kind of attention for what they're doing on the field because they are all-stars, if you will, off the field," says Head Coach Chad Martinovich. "I am really proud of them and happy for them."

Boston Globe

Boston Globe reporter Kevin Dupont writes about the winning attitude behind the MIT football team’s first-ever undefeated season. “I am out here to have fun. It is what drives me . . . to finish my work, and go to the exams, do all the work,” said Anthony Souffrant, a senior defensive back for the Engineers.

“Really it’s a tribute to the kids on the roster, the seniors in particular. When they came in as freshmen, they were 2-7 and they’ve helped really improve the program each year, along with the three recruiting classes since then,” says Head Coach Chad Martinovich of the MIT football team’s perfect season. 

Fox News

Sam Gardner writes for Fox Sports about the MIT football team’s first undefeated season. “Academics are always going to be the most important thing at this place, but you can excel in other things and be an MIT student,” says Coach Chad Martinovich.


Steve Ginsburg of Reuters writes about the success of the MIT football team. “With 81 Nobel laureates having ties to MIT, the perception of the student body is one of bookish scholars. With 33 varsity sports, however, there aren't just a bunch of academics walking around the Cambridge campus just outside Boston,” writes Ginsburg.

CBS News

Vladimir Duthiers of CBS News reports on the MIT football team’s undefeated season. The team’s head coach, Chad Martinovich, says of the Engineers that, “whether it’s academics, athletics, research, clubs, activities, whatever it is they do, they look to excel.”