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CBS Boston
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In this video, CBS Boston’s Bree Sison reports on MIT startup Affectiva, which is developing technology that can identify human emotions and could help with mental health. Rana el Kaliouby, Affectiva CSO and co-founder, explains that the technology could “tell you something is off, or flag it to a friend or doctor.  Or maybe it could customize a digit experience to help you.”

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Screenshots from a video from Affectiva shows how the Affdex software tracks facial cues to infer emotions. At top left, a fixed stare signals concentration; at top right, a furrowed brow signals confusion; at bottom right, a raised brow signals enjoyment; and at bottom left, a wrinkled nose bridge may signal disgust.

A market for emotions

With emotion-tracking software, Affectiva attracts big-name clients, aims for “mood-aware” Internet.