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Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

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20 identical images in a four by five grid show a robotic arm attempting to grasp a cube. Eighteen squares are green, while two are red. At left is an illustration of a black robotic arm attempting to grab a black cube with a question mark on it.

Helping robots grasp the unpredictable

MIT CSAIL’s frugal deep-learning model infers the hidden physical properties of objects, then adapts to find the most stable grasps for robots in unstructured environments like homes and fulfillment centers.

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Sandra Liu poses for the camera holding her GelPalm prototype, a robotic hand with sensors. She is in a lab workspace with two computer monitors, a Rubik's cube, and electronic equipment.

Robotic palm mimics human touch

MIT CSAIL researchers enhance robotic precision with sophisticated tactile sensors in the palm and agile fingers, setting the stage for improvements in human-robot interaction and prosthetic technology.

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