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Scene at MIT: Sundown, touchdown

Solar blitz: The MIT Football team practices under stunning skies.
Solar blitz: The MIT Football team practices under stunning skies.
Photo: James Klein/DAPER

"One of our assistant football coaches, James Klein, took this picture out on Briggs Field during a team practice. When he showed it to another assistant coach, they immediately told him send it to me, because I run the Twitter account for MIT Football.  
The best thing about this photo is that it was taken at the end of practice on a Wednesday. Usually, Wednesdays are one of the most important days of the week for our game preparation. That Friday afternoon, we loaded up our buses and traveled five-plus hours to Maine for an overnight stay. The following day — the Saturday after that picture was taken — we won our first game of the season against Maine Maritime Academy.  
At the time that night, it was a perfect picture. But it turned into a perfect week after our victory!"

—Nicholas Perron, assistant director of member services and the Alumni-Wang Center within the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation

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