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Random Hall evacuated due to fire on the roof

No injuries reported; residents will stay in Next House temporarily.
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Random Hall
Random Hall
Courtesy of the Division of Student Life

The Cambridge Fire Department extinguished a fire on the roof of Random Hall (Building NW61) this afternoon. Approximately 10 people were evacuated safely from the dormitory, and there were no reported injuries.

More than 90 students and staff are living in Random this summer, and many were out when the fire was discovered.

After everyone was safely out of the building, Random residents were directed to gather at the Sidney Pacific graduate community (Building NW86). Staff from the Division of Student Life (DSL), including summer graduate resident tutors and area directors, were on hand at Sidney Pacific to help Random residents get settled and discuss next steps.

Random residents will stay in Next House temporarily, and are returning to Random Hall tonight to gather personal effects. Damage to Random Hall, located at 282-290 Massachusetts Ave., is being assessed, and staff from DSL will stay in close contact with the displaced residents as the situation unfolds.

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