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Letter to faculty and staff regarding William Kettyle

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The following email was sent today to MIT faculty and staff by Executive Vice President and Treasurer Israel Ruiz.

To MIT faculty and staff:
I write to share the news that Dr. William Kettyle has decided to step down from his position as Medical Director of MIT Medical following 21 years of exceptional service to the Institute. Dr. Kettyle came to MIT as an internist and endocrinologist in 1993, became Associate Medical Director in 1995 and Medical Director five years later.
During his time at MIT, Dr. Kettyle has made a number of significant contributions to the Institute. As a direct result of Dr. Kettyle's dedication to MIT and deep appreciation for MIT's values, MIT Medical has become an integral part of the campus. Under his leadership, MIT Medical expanded its services to provide care for the entire MIT community, extended its connection to students, and increased community involvement in preventive care. As Chair of the Health Subcommittee of the Employee Benefits Oversight Committee, his experience and expertise have been critical in navigating changes in health care regulation arising from the Affordable Care Act.
Dr. Kettyle has been a mentor and teacher to many throughout his career. For over 30 years he has co-directed the Health Sciences and Technology (HST) course in endocrine pathophysiology, and for over 20 years he has taught Introduction to Clinical Medicine in the HST Program. Dr. Kettyle's commitment to caring for and nurturing people, his deep appreciation of the MIT culture, and his incomparable sense of humor, wit, and optimism have lifted us all.
Though Dr. Kettyle is leaving his role as Medical Director, we are thrilled that he will remain with us on a part-time basis working on issues related to health care benefits and regulation, and we will continue to benefit from his deep knowledge and experience. I am grateful that Dr. Kettyle will continue in his current role until his successor is named. I welcome your input regarding potential candidates, as well as thoughts about the role. Please send comments or suggestions to, or to Room 4-204. All correspondence received will be treated as confidential.
There will be occasions to celebrate with Dr. Kettyle and recognize his many contributions, but for now, I know you will join me in expressing our gratitude for his tremendous service to the MIT community.
Israel Ruiz

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