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Procter & Gamble joins MIT Forum Technology Advisory Board

P&G, one of world’s major consumer goods companies, will collaborate with the board on industry challenges and opportunities.
The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation announced today that Procter & Gamble, a global manufacturer of consumer products such as Gillette and Tide, has become a strategic sponsor of the innovation forum.

“P&G is very pleased to become a sponsor of the Forum and we look forward to bringing our industry insight and expertise to the Technology Advisory Board,” says Mike Chaney, vice president of product supply at P&G, who has joined the Forum’s Manufacturing Technology Advisory Board. “This was an important and strategic decision on our part to join the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation, not only to bring our industry insight to the board, but also to collaborate with the Forum and board to explore the next generation of innovation to give us a competitive advantage.”

MIT professor David Simchi-Levi, founder of the Forum, says, “Procter & Gamble is a leader in innovation and supply chain strategy and has made significant positive impact to the manufacturing industry. We thank P&G for their two-year commitment to the Forum and welcome Mike Chaney to the Forum’s Manufacturing Technology Advisory Board.”

The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation is a community composed of academics and industry members whose support allows forum researchers to provide customer-focused solutions to design and manage the new supply chain. The Forum has pioneered a deeper understanding of the supply chain and its relationship to corporate strategy and has broad support from a wide cross-section of industry.

For more information, contact Leslie Sheppard, chief strategy officer for the Forum, at or 617-852-2708.

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