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Scientists worldwide propose Research Centers at Skolkovo Tech

Researchers enter 129 submissions for interdisciplinary research centers as part of joint MIT-Russian project.
In its first round of requests for Research Center proposals, the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skolkovo Tech) in Russia has received 129 submissions. The submissions represent scientists from more than 360 universities and research institutions in Russia and more than 20 other countries.

Last October, MIT entered into a three-year collaboration with Skolkovo Tech to develop a new graduate research university. The new institution aims to break new ground in bringing together Russian, U.S. and global research and technology — and in integrating teaching, research, innovation and entrepreneurship

The current Research Center proposals offer preliminary visions for collaborative, interdisciplinary, international research endeavors based at Skolkovo Tech. Following peer review by a panel of experts, Skolkovo Tech has sent selected finalists invitations to submit full proposals by April 14. Invited full proposals are due June 1, and first-round Research Center award decisions will be announced June 30.

“We are thrilled to have attracted the interest of so many outstanding researchers,” says Mats Nordlund, Skolkovo Tech’s vice president of research. “Not only does this response validate the Skolkovo Tech mission to integrate teaching, research, innovation and entrepreneurship, it also shows that investigators around the world are eager for opportunities to collaborate with the excellent scientists and engineers in Russia’s universities and research institutes.”

Skolkovo Tech aims to establish 15 Research Centers in five areas: Information Science and Technology; Biomedical Science and Technology; Energy Science and Technology; Nuclear Science and Technology; and Space Science and Technology. Each Research Center will establish a collaboration between a Russian and a non-Russian investigator.

MIT and Skolkovo Tech co-hosted an initial proposer’s conference in February, attracting more than 300 attendees. MIT has also worked with Skolkovo Tech to facilitate international peer review of current and future proposals.

“This response echoes the strong showing of interest seen at the proposer’s conference,” says Michael Cima, the David H. Koch Professor of Engineering at MIT and faculty lead for research in the MIT/Skolkovo Tech initiative. “So far, this cooperative effort between MIT and Skolkovo Tech has been extremely productive.”

Submissions for the second of Skolkovo Tech’s three rounds of proposals for Research Center proposals are due Oct. 15.

For more information about submitting Skolkovo Tech Research Center proposals, please visit:

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