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It's time to renew your MIT personal certificates

As happens each year around this time, MIT's personal web certificates will soon require renewal. Certificates obtained in the past year are set to expire on July 31.

MIT's personal web certificates will soon require renewal. Renewal of personal web certificates is not automatic, and to ensure continued access to MIT's secure web applications, such as Benefits, SAPweb, WebSIS, COEUS Lite, and ePaystubs, plan to renew in the coming weeks.

Note too that if you use certificates in more than one web browser or on more than one machine, you will need to get a new certificate for each browser on each machine. It is important that the versions of the browsers you use are current with the operating system and that all critical browser patches are current.

Getting and installing certificates

You can acquire new personal certificates via the Get an MIT Certificate page.

If you go to this page from
  • a Macintosh running Safari under OS X 10.7 or 10.6
  • a PC running Internet Explorer under Windows 7, Vista or XP
you will be offered the option to download CertAid. This application manages the entire certificate setup procedure for browsers, giving users a more reliable installation experience.

Alternatively, you can install certificates manually. For instructions, see the MIT Certificates Guide.

Deleting expired certificates

If, after installing your new certificate, you experience problems accessing certificate-protected sites, you may want to try deleting your expired certificates, as documented on the Deleting Expired MIT Personal Certificates page.

Do not delete an expired certificate if you have used it to sign or receive encrypted email. For more information on what to do in that case, see the Export or Backup Your MIT Personal Certificates page.


IS&T hopes that providing this information now will allow you to plan accordingly. Please encourage those you work with to renew their certificates as well.

For more information, see the Certificates page. If you have questions or concerns, send email to the IS&T Help Desk or call them at 617-253-1101. You can also submit a request online.

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