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Mentors wanted!

The Mentor Advocate Partnership (MAP) program in the Office of Minority Education is an excellent opportunity to guide an undergraduate student. MAP is a volunteer mentoring program seeking to foster the holistic development of students along academic and non-academic dimensions.

Studies show that students who are integrated and involved in both the academic and social mainstreams of campus life are more likely to graduate and have greater satisfaction with their collegiate experience. Our mentors have the opportunity to guide MIT freshmen and sophomores, known as protégés, in building relationships, academic endeavors, and personal well-being, while offering encouragement and providing a proactive support network.

You will know your impact on a protégé when you hear them say “I had an outlet — someone to talk to about things that were going on in my life — both the good and the bad.” Find out more at, or attend Information Sessions on March 29 (in 8-205) or 30 (in 2-135) at noon. Contact with any questions.

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