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Fall Communications Forum explores local news, surveillance, cities and entertainment

'For the City,' by Jenny Holzer.
'For the City,' by Jenny Holzer.
Image: Postdlf

For more than 30 years, the MIT Communications Forum has played a unique role at the Institute and beyond as a locus for sustained exploration of the cultural, political, economic and technological impact of communications, with special emphasis on emerging technologies.

Translating specialized or technical perspectives into a discourse accessible to non-specialists has been a hallmark of the forum; the scholars, engineers, journalists, media producers, scientists, political figures and executives who participate in the forum all accept a responsibility to speak in language that can be understood by literate citizens and professionals in many fields.

The 2011 forum series continues the exploration this fall with three in-depth panels: Local News in the Digital Age (which took place on Sept. 22); Surveillance and Citizenship; and Cities and the Future of Entertainment.

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Video from Local News in the Digital Age. Watch it on TechTV

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