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MIT receives $1 million to support undergraduate research

Amgen Foundation's four-year grant will support 100 undergraduates' work.
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Julie B. Norman
MIT, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education,
Michael Bergren
MIT, Associate Dean, Academic and Research Initiatives
MIT has received a $1 million, four-year grant from the Amgen Foundation to provide hands-on laboratory experience to approximately 100 undergraduates through the Amgen Scholars Program.

"MIT is thrilled to continue our partnership with the Amgen Foundation in support of the Amgen Scholars Program,” said Julie Norman, senior associate dean for undergraduate education. “The students who have conducted research in our laboratories, under the guidance of our faculty mentors, have left an indelible impression not only on those they’ve met, but in some cases, on the scientific community at large.”

Amgen Scholars is entering into its second phase of what has become a $34 million initiative to advance science learning and inspire the next generation of scientists. Amgen Scholars was launched by the Amgen Foundation in 2006 with 10 partner universities in the United States to provide undergraduates the opportunity for laboratory research experiences under the guidance of leading scientists in academia. In 2008, the program expanded to include three European universities.

As a result, in the past four years nearly 1,200 Amgen Scholars — representing 327 different colleges and universities across the United States and Europe — have explored areas of research beyond what they may be able to do as part of their regular undergraduate education. Today, more than 70 percent of program alumni who have graduated from college are now pursuing an advanced degree or a career in science or engineering, with many in scientific PhD programs at top universities across the world.

“The success of the Amgen Scholars program is due in large share to our university partners,” said Jean J. Lim, president of the Amgen Foundation. “These leading universities provide undergraduates from around the country with an inspiring, hands-on research experience that often leads them to pursue advanced degrees and a career in the sciences.”

The U.S. and European programs will each continue to host a summer symposium allowing students to share their summer research projects, learn about biotechnology, and hear firsthand from leading industry and academic scientists. In addition, new to Phase 2, travel awards will help support Amgen Scholar alumni currently enrolled in masters, PhD and MD-PhD programs in scientific fields to share their research at scientific conferences.

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