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New video series shines spotlight on the growing role of information and experimentation technologies in driving innovation

Highlights research of Brynjolfsson, Schrage into IT-driven innovation
Yesterday, MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR) launched a new series of video interviews with MIT faculty and corporate executives that explore the transformational phenomenon of IT-driven innovation.

The video series kicks off a long-term research project and content initiative by MIT SMR that will explore the new ways in which IT — specifically, measurement, experimentation, sharing and replication—are spurring innovation across markets and industries.

In the first videos, posted yesterday, Erik Brynjolfsson, Schussel Family Professor of Management Science at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and Michael Schrage, a research fellow with the MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business, describe how companies like Harrah’s Casino and Tesco Supermarkets are successfully exploiting the information and experimentation capabilities of their IT systems to improve customer service and increase revenues and profitability. Also posted yesterday was an interview with Esther Baldwin, Research Proliferation Manager and Author at Intel Corporation, who finds innovation opportunities in the rigor and measurement that IT provides.

About the project

Dramatic gains in chip computational power, storage capacity, and telecommunications speed have driven management change for a long time, but both scholars and company leaders are arguing that their convergence with another information technology advance—the “instrumentation” of everything—will breed a fresh wave of management‐practice innovation.

MIT Sloan Management Review has launched a research project and content initiative that will explore this opportunity in depth, with a focus on three major themes:
  1. The changing capabilities and role of analytics in organizational operations, strategy and decision‐making;
  2. The ascendency of experimentation as an alternative to traditional approaches to R&D and as a substitute for conventional approaches to strategy; and,
  3. The emerging ways that IT advances are enabling the sharing of innovation‐related information both inside and beyond the boundaries of organizations.
About MIT Sloan Management Review

A web site and print magazine published at the MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT Sloan Management Review’s mission is to lead the conversation among thinkers, professors, and managers about the coming sea changes in management practice that will transform how people innovate and lead. MIT SMR captures the creativity, excitement, and opportunity created by rapid societal, economic, and technological change, and brings it home to thoughtful managers.

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