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Future of the oceans

"The Future of the Oceans: Building a New Agenda for Ocean Research and Education," a workshop centering on three themes — Oceans, Climate and Environment, Life in the Oceans, and Ocean Resource and Energy Use, will take place from on Thursday, Dec. 2, in the McGovern Auditorium of the Whitehead Institute.

The goal is to spark discussions, explore synergies, and identify a new agenda for a coordinated research and education effort within the broader context of the MIT initiative on global environment now being designed by the Environmental Research Council (ERC). Immediately following the workshop, a concept paper for the ERC will be prepared by the organizers to summarize the input of the participants and set the research and educational agenda for a new collaborative “hub” on ocean science and engineering.

Many MIT faculty and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute staff conduct ocean research, which can contribute greatly to safer, wiser, more sustainable use of the oceans. It is timely to bring these efforts together within the framework of the ERC, anticipating that the cumulative impact will greatly exceed that of individual efforts.

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