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Corporation announces faculty promotions and appointments

The MIT Corporation's Executive Committee has approved the promotion and appointment of the following faculty members. All promotions and appointments took effect July 1, unless noted otherwise.

Promotions to full professor
George Barbastathis, mechanical engineering; Vladimir Bulović, electrical engineering and computer science; Christopher Burge, biology; David Darmofal, aeronautics and astronautics; Mary Fuller, literature; Scott Manalis, biological engineering; Robert Tappan Morris, electrical engineering and computer science; Melissa Nobles, political science; Christine Ortiz, materials science and engineering; Jun Pan, MIT Sloan; Christoph Paus, physics; Roger Petersen, political science; Jeffrey Ravel, history; Sanjay Sarma, mechanical engineering; Sara Seager, earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences; Dennis Whyte, nuclear science and engineering.

Full professor appointments with tenure
Richard Braatz, chemical engineering (appointment took effect Sept. 1); John Core, MIT Sloan; Robert Merton, MIT Sloan; Daniel Posner, political science.

Promotions to associate professor with tenure
Adam Albright, linguistics and philosophy, Regina Barzilay, electrical engineering and computer science; Jacopo Buongiorno, nuclear science and engineering; JoAnn Carmin, urban studies and planning; Luca Daniel, electrical engineering and computer science; Joseph Doyle, MIT Sloan; Mark Goulthorpe, architecture; Scott Hughes, physics; Hong Liu, physics; Guido Lorenzoni, economics; Mohammad Movassaghi, chemistry; Thomas Peacock, mechanical engineering; Lawrence Sass, architecture; Jay Scheib, music and theater arts; Alexandra Techet, mechanical engineering; Troy Van Voorhis, chemistry; Brian Wardle, aeronautics and astronautics; Forest White, biological engineering.

Promotions to associate professor without tenure
Scott Aaronson, electrical engineering and computer science; Sandy Alexandre, literature; Jan Egedal-Pedersen, physics; Joseph Formaggio, physics; Ernest Fraenkel, biological engineering; Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli; biological engineering and mechanical engineering; Ruben Juanes, civil and environmental engineering; Katherine Cissel Kellogg, MIT Sloan; Dennis Kim, biology; Gabriel Salman Lenz, political science; Paulo C. Lozano, aeronautics and astronautics; Gustavo Manso, MIT Sloan; Steven Nahn, physics; Tomás Palacios, electrical engineering and computer science; Peter Reddien, biology; Stephen Ryan, economics; Laura Schulz, brain and cognitive science; Natasha Schull, science, technology, and society; David Singer, political science; Marin Soljacic, physics; Rodrigo Verdi, MIT Sloan; Katrin Wehrheim, mathematics; Mehmet F. Yanik, electrical engineering and computer science; Pericles Zegras, urban studies and planning.

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