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Burchard Scholars for 2010 announced

34 MIT undergraduates selected who excel in the humanities, arts, and social sciences

Thirty-four outstanding MIT sophomores and juniors have been selected as the 2010 Burchard Scholars in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

Now in its 24th year, the Burchard Scholars Program brings together distinguished members of the faculty and MIT sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated excellence in some aspect of the humanities, arts, or social sciences.

The format is a series of lively dinner-seminars at which faculty present current research, often interdisciplinary in nature, followed by discussion and conversation. The Burchard evenings give students exposure to significant research-in-progress as well as an opportunity to engage in the intellectual exchange that characterizes scholarship in the humanities, arts, and social sciences.        

“I highly recommend the Burchard Program,” says Jared Sadoian, a 2009 Burchard Scholar, who has a double major in Computer Science and Music. “We were exposed to many different facets of the humanities, and what made the events so enriching was hearing from other Burchards, whose questions and opinions were colored by both their technical and humanities backgrounds.”

Dean Deborah Fitzgerald, who oversees the program, reflected on the 2010 group, saying, “These Burchard Scholars are a remarkable group of gifted young scholars from exciting and diverse backgrounds." A Burchard Scholar can be a major in any department of the Institute; all sophomores and juniors in good standing are eligible to apply. For more information about the program and how to apply visit the Burchard Scholars site

The 2010 selection committee consisted of Kai von Fintel, Associate Dean, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; Margery Resnick, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures; Meg Jacobs, Class of 1947 Career Development Associate Professor; Lowell Lindgren, Professor of Music and Theater Arts; Nick Montfort, Assistant Professor of Writing and Humanistic Studies; Melissa Nobles, Associate Professor of Political Science; Ruth Perry, Professor of Literature; Brad Skow, Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy; and Dean Fitzgerald as Chair.

Congratulations to the 2010 Burchard Scholars:
  • Omar Abudayyeh '12, Mechanical Engineering;
  • Jenna Caldwell '11, Biology;
  • Mengjie Ding '12, Computer Science and Economics;
  • Jenny Dohlman '11, Brain & Cognitive Sciences;
  • Sara Drakeley '12, Comparative Media Studies and Applied Mathematics;
  • Dora Gao '11, Physics and Ancient & Medieval Studies;
  • Allison Hamilos '12, Biology;
  • Latifah Hamzah '12, Mechanical Engineering;
  • Jennifer Lai '11, Biological Engineering and Music & Theater Arts;
  • Allen Lin '11, Political Science;
  • Connie Lu '11, Environmental Engineering;
  • Razaz Mageid '12, Brain & Cognitive Sciences;
  • Lauren McGough '12, Mathematics;
  • Asad Moten '11,  Brain & Cognitive Science;
  • Alexandra Piotrowski '11, Chemical Engineering and Biology;
  • Julia Reardon '11, Chemistry and Women's Studies;
  • Ricky Richardson '12, Mathematics;
  • Khalea Robinson '11, Civil Engineering;
  • David Rolnick '12, Mathematics;
  • Emma Rosen '11, Economics;
  • Sarah Rumbley '12, Music & Theater Arts and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science;
  • Mariya Samoylova '12, Biology;
  • Cory Smith '11, Economics;
  • Ethan Solomon '12, Brain & Cognitive Science;
  • Eduardo Sverdlin-Lisker '11, Electrical Engineering and Physics;
  • Adrianna Tam '11, Music & Theater Arts;
  • Stephanie Tong '12, Brain & Cognitive Science;
  • Ian Tracy '11, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering;
  • Graham Van Schaik '12, Materials Science & Engineering;
  • Anastasia Vishnevetsky '12, Brain & Cognitive Science;
  • Andy Wu '12, Economics and Mathematics;
  • Chao Xue '12, Music & Theater Arts;
  • Kiran Yemul '11, Mathematics;
  • Michael Zomnir '11, Political Science

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