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Quarter Century Club welcomes new members for 2009

President Susan Hockfield along with 50-year employee Professor Laurence Retman Young, far right, welcomes new members SharonLeah Brown, left, and Elizabeth Zotos to the Quarter Century Club.
President Susan Hockfield along with 50-year employee Professor Laurence Retman Young, far right, welcomes new members SharonLeah Brown, left, and Elizabeth Zotos to the Quarter Century Club.
Photo / Jean-Jacques E. Slotine
Maria C. Puerta and Eve Odiorne Sullivan, friends from long ago, reunite as new Quarter Century Club members.
Maria C. Puerta and Eve Odiorne Sullivan, friends from long ago, reunite as new Quarter Century Club members.
Photo / Traci Swartz

With MIT President Susan Hockfield as the featured speaker, the Quarter Century Club (QCC) inducted 125 new members during an April 16 luncheon at the MIT Faculty Club. QCC President Yvonne L. Gittens welcomed new members and provided the history of the QCC. Also on hand to welcome inductees were QCC members with 50 years of service.

This year's class of 125 new members includes 88 inductees from the Cambridge campus, 35 from Lincoln Laboratory and two from Haystack Observatory. There are currently 3,686 members of the club.

Membership in the QCC is offered to faculty, administrative, research, support and service staff who have celebrated their 25th anniversary with the Institute. The club is chartered with promoting good fellowship among long-term associates of the MIT community and furthering the well being of its membership through cultural, educational and social events. The QCC is headquartered in the Community Services Office (E19-432).

Upcoming QCC events include the annual summer gathering on Monday, June 8, the Silver Club High Tea in the fall and the holiday party in December.

The new inductees are:

- Daniel A. Adams, Microsystems Technology Laboratories
- Barbara A. Balkwill, Chemical Engineering
- Herbert T. Barclay, Lincoln Laboratory
- Richard M. Barnes, Lincoln Laboratory
- Franklin P.R. Bartlett, Lincoln Laboratory
- James L. Bishop, Microsystems Technology Laboratory
- Olivier Jean Blanchard, Department of Economics
- Roy S. Bondurant, Lincoln Laboratory
- Linda D. Bragman, Center for Biomedical Engineering
- Brian Branson, Lincoln Laboratory
- Gary F. Brendel, Lincoln Laboratory
- SharonLeah Brown, Aeronautics and Astronautics
- Steven R. Bussolari, Lincoln Laboratory
- Charles C. Caldart, Engineering Systems Division
- Margo Cantor, McGovern Institute for Brain Research
- John S. Carroll, Sloan School of Management
- Edward J. Cerrato, Endicott House
- Agnes Y. Chow, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
- Jo-Anne Chute, Property Office
- William J. Cochran, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
- Glorianne Collver-Jacobson, Department of Chemical Engineering
- Irving W. Copeland, III, Lincoln Laboratory
- Richard J. Cotillo, Lincoln Laboratory
- John Carrington Cox, Sloan School of Management
- Mark L. Curby, The Network Business
- Mark J. Damian, Information Services & Technology
- John A. Davies, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
- Julienne M. Dean, MIT Human Resources
- Roger J. DiDonato, Lincoln Laboratory
- Tammy L. Doyle, Department of Facilities
- Barbara J. Engel, Whitaker College of Health Science & Technology
- Lisa M. Etheridge, Lincoln Laboratory
- James B. Evans, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
- Christopher E. Farrell, Haystack Observatory
- Marilyn E. Finlay, Alumni Association
- Robert S. Frankel, Lincoln Laboratory
- Sheila L. Frankel, Civil and Environmental Engineering
- Dennis M. Frenchman , Urban Studies and Planning
- Robert M. Freund, Sloan School of Management
- Deborah Friscino, MIT Medical
- James G. Fujimoto, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
- Robert A. Gabel, Lincoln Laboratory
- Phyllis Galt, Information Services & Technology
- Donald L. Gaudette, Lincoln Laboratory
- Charles A. Gendreau, Jr., Lincoln Laboratory
- Ahmed F. Ghoniem, Mechanical Engineering
- Pamela Greenley, Office of Environment, Health & Safety
- Michael Grossman, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
- Madeleine Hall-Arber, Sea Grant College Program
- James A. Haskell, Lincoln Laboratory
- Rosemary B. Hegg, Anthropology Program
- Lynn S. Heinemann, Office of the Arts
- John J. Hildebidle, Literature Section
- Kip Vernon Hodges, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
- Ellen N. Hoffman, Media Laboratory
- Clyde N. Hunte, MIT Medical
- Joan M. Hutchins, Mechanical Engineering
- Ian Horner Hutchinson, Nuclear Science and Engineering
- David B. Ireland, Lincoln Laboratory
- Caroline M. Johnston, Mechanical Engineering
- Neil H. Julian, Lincoln Laboratory
- Robert D. Kenney, Lincoln Laboratory
- Omar Khalidi, Libraries
- Robert C. Ladd, Sr., Lincoln Laboratory
- Theresa M. Lamoureux, MIT Press
- Eric S. Lander, The Broad Institute
- Deborah J. Landers, Lincoln Laboratory
- Evette M. Layne, Office of the Provost
- David L. Lewis, Office of the Provost
- Richard S. Lindzen, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
- Margaret Mahoney, Information Services & Technology
- Thomas W. Malone, Sloan School of Management
- Linda L. Marcotte, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
- Douglas Marquis, Lincoln Laboratory
- Dennis McLaughlin, Civil and Environmental Engineering
- Silvio Micali, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
- Angela R. Mickunas, Mechanical Engineering
- Joseph V. Minervini, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
- Christine M. Mleynek, Office of Foundation Relations
- Roger A. Moore, Department of Facilities
- Edward Moriarty, Edgerton Center
- Jean M. O'Hare, Lincoln Laboratory
- Robert P. O'Malley, Lincoln Laboratory
- Frank J. Paladino, Lincoln Laboratory
- Marsha L. Penman, Department of Biology
- Peggy Peterson, Office of the President
- Allen D. Pillsbury, Lincoln Laboratory
- James M. Poterba, Department of Economics
- Glenda J. Powe, MIT Medical
- Maria C. Puerta, MIT Medical
- Salvatore J. Puleo, Department of Housing
- Laxmi J. Rao, Information Services & Technology
- Robert E. Reilinger, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
- John D. Richardson, Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research
- Janet L. Robertson, Lincoln Laboratory
- Francis J. Rogers, Department of Facilities
- Patricia A. Rogers, Lincoln Laboratory
- Clara I. Romero, Department of Facilities
- Stephen L. Rourke, Jr., Haystack Observatory
- Ellen F. Scaringi, Lincoln Laboratory
- Mark L. Schattenburg , Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research
- Lisa S. Schiffman, Libraries
- David B. Scoggins, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
- Michael P. Shatz, Lincoln Laboratory
- Isadore Manuel Singer, Department of Mathematics
- Barbara Skinner, MIT Press
- Ronald H. Skinner, Lincoln Laboratory
- Stephen A. Skuce, Libraries
- Gretchen S. Slemmons, Sloan School of Management
- Jean-Jacques E. Slotine, Mechanical Engineering
- Frank J. Stefanov-Wagner, Research Laboratory of Electronics
- George Stephanopoulos, Chemical Engineering
- Eve Odiorne Sullivan, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
- Frank E. Taylor, Department of Physics
- Shirley E. Thompson, Registrar's Office
- Susan K. Turbak, Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
- John F. Valleli, Department of Architecture
- Maria L. Vieira, Center for Real Estate
- Christine A. Wang, Lincoln Laboratory
- Robertson Ward, Department of Architecture
- Alison L. Weaver, Lincoln Laboratory
- Elizabeth A. Whalen, Lincoln Laboratory
- Linda S. Williams, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
- Margery L. Wilson, MIT Medical
- Elizabeth Zotos, Aeronautics and Astronautics

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