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Porkolab to receive Maxwell Prize

Prof. Miklos Porkolab will receive the Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics on November 4, during a meeting of the American Physical Society - Division of Plasma Physics.
Prof. Miklos Porkolab, Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Prof. Miklos Porkolab, Director, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Paul Rivenberg

Plasma Science and Fusion Center Director Miklos Porkolab has been selected to receive the 2009 James Clerk Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics.

The annual prize, established in 1975 by the Maxwell Technologies Inc. in honor of Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell, was established to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of plasma physics. It is currently sponsored by General Atomics.

As part of the award, Porkolab will receive a certificate with this inscription: "For pioneering investigations of linear and nonlinear plasma waves and wave-particle interactions; fundamental contributions to the development of plasma heating, current drive and diagnostics; and leadership in promoting plasma science education and domestic and international collaborations."

Porkolab will receive the award on Nov. 4 during the American Physical Society-Division of Plasma Physics meeting in Atlanta, Ga.

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