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Palacios named ONR Young Investigator

Tomás Palacios
Tomás Palacios

The Navy's Department of Naval Research (ONR) has named Tomás Palacios, an assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, as one of its 15 new Young Investigators.

The ONR program is designed to attract young scientists and engineers who show exceptional promise for outstanding research and teaching careers. Palacios was selected from a group of 193 applicants for the honor, which includes a three-year research grant worth up to $510,000.

Palacios' work under the program will be on "Multi-Terahertz Nitride Transistors: Probing the Ultimate Limit of Deeply-Scaled Device Technology." The project aims to understand the limits of high-frequency electronics and to demonstrate record transistors that can revolutionize wireless communications, Terahertz imaging and sensing.

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