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Liberty by Design

Alan Davidson, Washington Policy Counsel and head of Google's government affairs office gives the Brunel Lecture on Complex Systems, hosted by Engineering Systems Division
Alan Davidson discusses the impact of public policy on the way technology is evolving in the Internet space.

Instead of viewing it as a lawyer for a public policy interest group — his previous role — he now approaches it from his new perspective as a public policy advisor to Google's engineering design group, counseling them on how to build products and run a business. He encourages his fellow engineers "to think broadly […] about their role in the world […], to be more than bench-tied engineers and more involved in the deep social debates of the time."

"It's actually a very different perspective to be lucky enough to be in a very innovative company — a very disruptive company — and to spend some time thinking about what does it mean to build products, to build technologies, to deploy systems in a way that is aware of these public policy debates that are going on."
--Alan Davidson

(From MIT World)

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