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IDEAS Competition team Lebônê Solutions wins Popular Mechanics award

A dirt-powered battery developed by Lebônê Solutions Inc., a 2009 MIT IDEAS Competition team, was recently named one of the 10 Most Brilliant Innovations of 2009 by Popular Mechanics Magazine.
An MIT IDEAS Competition team, Lebônê Solutions Inc., was chosen for a Breakthrough Award from Popular Mechanics Magazine. The full story will be published in the November issue.

Lebônê developed a microbial fuel cell (MFC), which is a dirt-powered battery that can be deployed to rural, off-grid communities by local entrepreneurs. The cells harness energy from the metabolic reactions of bacteria found naturally in soil. The bacteria-powered batteries can provide sufficient power to light a home, charge a cell phone or power radios. Lebônê holds a patented design for its MFCs.

The Lebônê team, consisting of Aviva Presser Aiden (G, Course 7), Hugo Van Vuuren and Stephen Lwendo, was awarded $7,500 Yunus Innovation Challenge to Alleviate Poverty Award sponsored by Muhammed Abdul Latif Jameel.

Read more about Lebônê Solutions in The New York Times: For Africa, ‘Energy From Dirt’
Visit the Lebônê Solutions website

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