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Health Sciences and Technology awards

The London Teaching Award---In honor of their inspired teaching of HST.718, Anatomy of Speech and Hearing, in HST's Speech and Hearing Bioscience and - - Technology program
- Barbara Fullerton
- James Kobler

The McMahon Mentoring Award--In honor of his dedicated, heartfelt mentoring of HST's BIG, MEMP and MD students
- Peter Szolovits

The inaugural Seidman Prize for MD Research Mentoring--In honor of her committed, empowering mentoring in pediatric neurology
- Elizabeth Thiele

The BEP Teaching Award, selected by HST's Biomedical Enterprise Program (BEP) students--In honor of his outstanding teaching in HST.918, Economics of Health Care Industries
- Ernst R. Berndt

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 3, 2009 (download PDF).

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