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Center for International Studies awards

CIS Summer Study Grant--Doctoral students in international affairs who received summer support for dissertation research
- Greg Distelhorst, Seattle, Wash.
- Erica Dobbs, Chicago, Ill.
- Keren Fraiman, Chicago, Ill.
- Xaq Frohlich, Austin, Texas
- Jason Jackson, Mandeville, Jamaica
- Yumin Joo, Seoul, South Korea
- Stephanie Kaplan, Arlington Heights, Ill.
- Cynthia Kinnan, Golden, Colo.
- Peter Krause, West Hartford, Conn.
- Topher McDougal, Santa Fe, N.M.
- Karin Oen, Dorchester, Mass.
- Timea Pal, Tg-Mures/Marosvasarhely, Romania
- Michael Rossi
- Nah Yoon Shin, Seoul, South Korea
- Caitlin Talmadge, Dallas, Texas
- Yanbo Wang, Changchun, China
- Yuan Xiao, Beijing, China

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 3, 2009 (download PDF).

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