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Campaign website showcases 'Human Factor'

<a href="">'The Human Factor'</a>
<a href="">'The Human Factor'</a>

The Campaign for Students, launched publicly on Oct. 3, connects alumni and friends with compelling, diverse student stories through web, print, and video. Student narratives showcase personal passions -- the Human Factors -- that combine to create leaders who exemplify MIT's unique approach to problem-solving.

During the quiet phase of the campaign, student videos were shared with small groups of alumni and friends via email and at regional events. More than 25 video vignettes are now available at

As the videos illustrate, students contribute energy, passion, inspiration, creativity, ambition, and intelligence to academics, research, and discovery. Students build more efficient and alternatively fueled cars, research spinal cord injuries, study asteroids to learn the origin of the universe, design life-saving devices for the soldiers, and examine the effect of music on memory.

These are just a handful of the thousands of stories that show MIT students and alumni working to solve the world's complex problems.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 8, 2008 (download PDF).

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