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Quarter Century Club awards

New members talk during the induction ceremony.
New members talk during the induction ceremony.
Photo / Chris Ronsicki
New members, Dick K.P. Yue and Michael G. Imbeault, share MIT memories at the QCC Induction luncheon.
New members, Dick K.P. Yue and Michael G. Imbeault, share MIT memories at the QCC Induction luncheon.
Photo / Chris Ronsicki
New members talk during the induction ceremony.
New members talk during the induction ceremony.
Photo / Chris Ronsicki
Yvonne L. Gittens, QCC president, congratulates new members of the club.
Yvonne L. Gittens, QCC president, congratulates new members of the club.
Photo / Chris Ronsicki

With MIT President Susan Hockfield as the featured speaker, the Quarter Century Club (QCC) inducted 127 new members at a May 7 luncheon in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex (Building 46). QCC President Yvonne L. Gittens welcomed new members and provided the history of the QCC.

This year's class of 127 new members includes 72 inductees from campus, 48 from Lincoln Laboratory, three from Haystack Observatory and four honorary members. There are currently 3,642 members of the club.

Membership in the QCC is offered to faculty, administrative, research, support and service staff who have celebrated their 25th anniversary with the Institute. The club is chartered with promoting good fellowship among long-term associates of the MIT community and furthering the well-being of its membership through cultural, educational and social events. The QCC is headquartered in the Community Services Office (E19-432).

Upcoming QCC events include the annual summer picnic on Monday, June 9, the Silver Club High Tea in the fall and the holiday party in December.

The new inductees are:

- Carl A. Accardo, Honorary Member
- Lynne R. Adamian, Lincoln Laboratory
- Daniel J. Baker, Lincoln Laboratory
- Eugene J. Baszkiewicz, Lincoln Laboratory
- Robert J. Bicchieri, Microsystems Technology Laboratories
- Peter I. Binns, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
- E. Daniel Blankschtein, Chemical Engineering
- Georgene P. Bloomfield, MIT Medical
- Betty Jo Bolivar, MIT Community Services
- Susan E. Brighton, Chemistry
- Velmer M. Brooks, Plasma Science & Fusion Center
- Susan J. Carson, MIT Medical
- Chang-Lee Chen, Lincoln Laboratory
- Edward G. Corbett, Lincoln Laboratory
- Michael J. Coyne, Lincoln Laboratory
- Geoffrey B. Crew, MIT Kavli Institute
- Ellen W. Crocker, Foreign Languages and Literatures
- Shawn S. Daley, Lincoln Laboratory
- Robin M. Deadrick, MIT Libraries
- Lorraine A. Delhorne, Research Laboratory of Electronics
- Dennis A. Doiron, Lincoln Laboratory
- Laura B. Doughty, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
- Steven Dubowsky, Mechanical Engineering
- Ronald A. Efromson, Lincoln Laboratory
- James C. Eggleston, MIT Libraries
- Brian J. Fandel, Lincoln Laboratory
- Charles H. Fine, Sloan School of Management
- Gerald R. Fink, Biology
- David K. Fischi, Lincoln Laboratory
- Robyn L. Fizz, IS&T
- Nancy A. Foley, Office of Sponsored Programs
- John C. Foster, Haystack Observatory
- Thomas W. Fredian, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
- H. Lauren Gallant, Aeronautics and Astronautics
- Felicia A. Gauthier, Lincoln Laboratory
- Richard P. Gavlik, Lincoln Laboratory
- Garry J. Gazzaniga, Lincoln Laboratory
- Kevin J. Gedrich, Service Process, IS&T
- John T. Germaine, Civil and Environmental Engineering
- David K. Gifford, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
- Shafrira Goldwasser, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
- Russell B. Goodman, Lincoln Laboratory
- Priscilla K. Gray, Honorary Member
- Janice S. Green, Recording Secretary
- Cameron A. Haase-Pettingell, Biology
- John Hansman, Aeronautics and Astronautics
- Mark S. Harvey, Music and Theater Arts
- David A. Heighes, Lincoln Laboratory
- Charles Higgs, Lincoln Laboratory
- Lisa J. Hill, Lincoln Laboratory
- Mark A. Hollis, Lincoln Laboratory
- Stephen P. Holmberg, Haystack Observatory
- Maureen C. Howard, Research Laboratory of Electronics
- Sonia C. Ifill, MIT Medical
- Michael G. Imbeault, Lincoln Laboratory
- Doris Lannoy Inslee, Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems
- Elizabeth Johnson, Honorary Member
- Donald E. Johnson, Lincoln Laboratory
- Gary A. Jones, Lincoln Laboratory
- Michael Judd, Lincoln Laboratory
- Anne Louise Kazlauskas, MIT Libraries
- Craig L. Keast, Lincoln Laboratory
- Robert G. Kiley, Lincoln Laboratory
- Marie A. King, MIT Medical
- Gordon E. Kohse, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
- John R. Kramer, Spectroscopy Laboratory
- Joan M. Kravit, Mechanical Engineering
- Gary R. Krumpholz, Lincoln Laboratory
- Robert A. Laliberte, MIT Kavli Institute
- Patrick A. Lee, Physics
- Steven Lee, Lincoln Laboratory
- Edwin F. LeFave, Lincoln Laboratory
- Sandra J. Lipnoski, Edgerton Center
- Stephen J. Lippard, Chemistry
- Mark R. London, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
- Ky Lowenhaupt, Biology
- Donald F. MacGillivray, Lincoln Laboratory
- John McGlashing, Laboratory for Nuclear Science
- Lori A. McGonagle, Lincoln Laboratory
- Gary S. Mezynski, Lincoln Laboratory
- Theresa J.C. Mislick, Office of the Arts
- Linda P. Moisan, Lincoln Laboratory
- Keith A. Nelson, Chemistry
- Daniel A. O'Connor, Lincoln Laboratory
- Daniel F. O'Shea, Lincoln Laboratory
- Elizabeth M. Ogar, Recording Secretary
- Nicholas M. Patrikalakis, Mechanical Engineering
- Michael C. Petito, Jr., Lincoln Laboratory
- Douglas J. Piercey, Lincoln Laboratory
- Lourenco R. Pires, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
- Michael Poirier, Haystack Observatory
- Joan C. Quigley, MIT Kavli Institute
- W. Michael Radoslovich, Lincoln Laboratory
- Lawrence W. Rispin, Lincoln Laboratory
- Theo A. Roe, Lincoln Laboratory
- Susan G. Rosevear, Materials Science and Engineering
- Barry A. Sacks, Spectroscopy Laboratory
- Anthony J. Scaltreto, Lincoln Laboratory
- Heather K. Schiffer, Lincoln Laboratory
- Ronni M. Schwartz, Office of the Provost
- Joseph J. Scozzafava, Lincoln Laboratory
- David C. Shaver, Lincoln Laboratory
- Patricia B. Shea, Lincoln Laboratory
- Pamela Slot, Division of Comparative Medicine
- Clarise E. Snyder, Music and Theater Arts
- Charles G. Sodini, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
- Richard W. St. Pierre, Lincoln Laboratory
- Suzan L. Stevens, Center for Cancer Research
- Donald S. Stidsen, MIT Museum
- Joshua A. Stillerman, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
- Catherine Stratton, Honorary Member
- Jerome T. Sullivan, Facilities
- Makoto Takayasu, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
- Halston W. Taylor, DAPER Intercollegiate Sports
- Lewis P. Tedstone, Lincoln Laboratory
- Paul Thomas, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
- Laura J. Trudel, Biological Engineering
- Eleanor Wu Tung, Lincoln Laboratory
- Paula L. Ward, Lincoln Laboratory
- Charles W. Warren, Chemistry
- Mary C. Weisse, IS&T
- Mary E. Westlund, Center for Educational Computing Initiatives
- Rosalind H. Williams, Program in Science, Technology, and Society
- Randall W. Winchester, IS&T
- Linda Woodbury, Economics
- Dana R. Yoerger, Mechanical Engineering
- Dick K. P. Yue, School of Engineering

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2008 (download PDF).

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