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Department of Urban Studies and Planning awards

Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture Travel Grant
- Alexa Edwards Rosenberg G

City of Chicago Mayor's Office Fellowship
- Molly Ekerdt G

DUSP-PSC Summer International Internship
- Amruta Sudhalkar G
- Alexa Edwards Rosenberg G
- Phuong Anh Bui G
- Deborah Wei Mullin G
- Amit Sarin G

Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston's Affordable Housing Development Competition
First Place Team Members (Terry Szold faculty advisor)
- Kate Wittels G
- Virginia Flores G
- Benjamin Power G
- Jesse Kanson- Benanav G
Second Place Team Members (Eran Ben-Joseph faculty advisor)
- Eric Gonzalez G
- Catherine Duffy G
- Omari Davis G
- Andrew Trueblood G
- Pedram Mahdavi G

JP Morgan Chase Community Development Competition (Joint MIT/Washington University Team)
- Holly Jo Sparks G
- Lakshmi Sridaran G

Lloyd and Nadine Rodwin Travel Award
- Madhu Dutta-Koehler G
- Phuong Anh Bui G
- Roberto Guerrero Compean G
- Weifeng Li G
- Topher McDougal G
- Kyung- Min Nam G
- Oyebanke Oyeyinka G

MISTI-Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Ecologia Mexico)
- Lauren Oldja G

MIT Community Catalyst Leader
- Angelica Weiner G

MIT-India National Science Foundation Award
- Amit Sarin G

PHRJ Summer Internship Award
- Phuong Anh Bui G
- Deborah Wei Mullin G
- Christina Santini G

Prafulla Mohanty Scholarship
- Madhu Dutta-Koehler G

Public Service Center IAP Fellowship
- Amit Sarin G

Rappaport Public Policy Fellow
- Victoria Wolff G
- Kathleen Ziegenfuss G

SSRC Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship
- Annis Whitlow G

Truman Scholarship Finalist
- Angelica Weiner G

William Emerson Travel Award
- Oreoluwa Alao G
- Rana Amirtahmasebi G
- Sai Balakrishnan G
- Priyanka Shah G
- Tegin Teich G
- Sabra Loewus G
- Ronilda Co G
- Patricia Acosta G
- Anna Brand G
- Kyung-Min Nam G
- Luis Ballesteros G
- Derek Brine G
- Nicholas DuBroff G
- Kristina Katich G
- Madhu Dutta-Koehler G
- Rachel Mercier G

Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability
- Isabelle Anguelovski G

MIT Center for International Studies Summer Study Grant
- Rachel Healy G

Mary Fran Myers Scholarship Award (Natural Hazards Center Boulder, Colo.)
- Molly Mowery G

Urban Land Institute Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition (Honorable Mention)--MIT Team Members (Tunney Lee faculty advisor)
- Blair Humphreys G
- Sarah Snider G
- Jesse Hunting G

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2008 (download PDF).

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