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Center for International Studies awards

CIS Summer Study Grant--for doctoral students in international affairs receive summer support for dissertation research
- Matthew Amengual, political science, New York, N.Y.
- Nathan Cisneros, political science, Sacramento, Calif.
- Mi Diao, DUSP, Dongying, China
- Kelly Grieco, political science, Andover, Mass.
- Rachel Healy, DUSP, Boston, Mass.
- Stephanie Kaplan, political science, Arlington Heights, Ill.
- Weifeng Li, DUSP, Haining City, China
- Reo Matsuzaki, political science, Kobe, Japan
- Kyung-Min Nam, DUSP, Seoul, South Korea
- Will Norris, political science
- Andrew Radin, political science, Brooklyn, N.Y.
- Yumi Shimabukuro, political science
- Kyoung Mun Shin, political science, Waterbury, Conn.
- Paul Staniland, political science, Pittsburgh, Pa.
- Caitlin Talmadge, political science, Dallas, Texas
- Hongliang Zhang, DUSP

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2008 (download PDF).

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