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Corporation announces faculty promotions

The MIT Corporation's Executive Committee has approved the following faculty members for promotion. All promotions are effective July 1.

Promotions to tenure

Unless otherwise noted, all promotions are from associate professor without tenure to associate professor with tenure.

Architecture and Planning: John Emanuel Fernandez, Joseph A. Paradiso, Deb Kumar Roy.

Engineering: Moe Z. Win, Vladimir Bulovic, Erik D. Demaine, Michael D. Ernst, Piotr Indyk, David J. Perreault, Nicola Marzari, Christopher A. Schuh.

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: George-Marios Angeletos, Amy Finkelstein (from assistant professor), Iván Werning (from assistant professor), Muhamet Yildiz, Adam J. Berinsky, David I. Kaiser, Thomas Levenson (to full professor).

Management (Sloan): Joseph Weber

Science: J. Troy Littleton, Joshua B. Tenenbaum (from assistant professor), Martin Z. Bazant, Alexander Postnikov, Gunther Roland, Senthil Todadri (from assistant professor), Vladan Vuletic.

Tenured appointments

Architecture and Planning: Rahul Mehrotra, associate professor; Nader Tehrani, associate professor; Dennis M. Frenchman, full professor.

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: Roger White, associate professor.

Science: Dianne K. Newman, full professor; Jonas C. Peters, full professor; Sara Seager, associate professor; Ju-Lee Kim, associate professor; Paul A. Seidel, full professor.

Promotions to associate professor without tenure

(from assistant professor)

Architecture and Planning: John A. Ochsendorf, Judith A. Layzer.

Engineering: Emilio Frazzoli, Forrest M. White, Regina Barzilay, Karl K. Berggren, Luca Daniel, Dina Katabi, Samuel R. Madden, Asuman Ozdaglar, Francesco Stellacci, Thomas Peacock, Yang Shao-Horn.

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: Jay Scheib, Sarah Song, David S. Jones.

Management (Sloan): Jared R. Curhan, Shane Frederick, David Gamarnik, Dirk Jenter, David McAdams.

Science: Amy E. Keating, James J. DiCarlo, Alice Y. Ting, Kiran S. Kedlaya, Nergis Mavalvala, Ian W. Stewart.

Promotions to full professor

(from associate professor with tenure)

Architecture and Planning: Caroline A. Jones, Nasser O. Rabbat, Hiroshi Ishii.

Engineering: Jonathan P. How, Brian C. Williams, William H. Green Jr., Rajeev J. Ram, Seth Teller, John G. Brisson II, John J. Leonard.

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: Daniel Fox, Kai von Fintel, Thomas DeFrantz.

Science: Angelika Amon, Andrei Tokmakoff.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 13, 2007 (download PDF).

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