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Corporation accepts 41 faculty promotions

At a meeting held on Feb. 2, the Executive Committee of the MIT Corporation accepted President Susan Hockfield's recommendations for the promotion of 27 assistant professors to associate professor without tenure and of 14 associate professors with tenure to full professor. All promotions are effective July 1.

Profiles of those promoted to full professor will appear in a subsequent issue of Tech Talk.

Those who were promoted from assistant professor to associate professor without tenure are John A. Ochsendorf of architecture, Judith A. Layzer of urban studies and planning, Emilio Frazzoli of aeronautics and astronautics, Forrest M. White of biological engineering, Regina Barzilay, Karl K. Berggren, Luca Daniel, Dina Katabi, Samuel R. Madden and Asuman Ozdaglar of electrical engineering and computer science, Francesco Stellacci of materials science and engineering, Thomas Peacock and Yang Shao-Horn of mechanical engineering, Jay Scheib of music and theater arts, Sarah Song of political science, David S. Jones of science, technology and society, Jared R. Curhan, Shane Frederick, David Gamarnik, Dirk Jenter and David McAdams of the Sloan School of Management, Amy E. Keating of biology, James J. DiCarlo of brain and cognitive sciences, Alice Y. Ting of chemistry, Kiran S. Kedlaya of mathematics, and Nergis Mavalvala and Ian W. Stewart of physics.

Additionally, the following 14 have been promoted from associate professor with tenure to full professor: Caroline A. Jones and Nasser O. Rabbat of architecture, Hiroshi Ishii of media arts and sciences, Jonathan P. How and Brian C. Williams of aeronautics and astronautics, William H. Green Jr. of chemical engineering, Rajeev J. Ram and Seth Teller of electrical engineering and computer science, John G. Brisson II and John J. Leonard of mechanical engineering, Daniel Fox and Kai von Fintel of linguistics and philosophy, Thomas DeFrantz of music and theater arts and Angelika Amon of biology.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on March 7, 2007 (download PDF).

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