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Division of Student Life awards

Agent of Change Award--for a strong commitment to and passion for justice and/or activism, recognizing attempts to create positive change in the MIT Community and/or beyond
- Lebanese Club

Common Ground Award--for a group that most embodied the elements of collaboration and partnership with another organization/group to produce a program or event or address a campus need
- Ashdown House
- Graduate Student Council

Distinguished Dedication Award--for going above and beyond the call of duty as student leader
- Cindy Xin Wang 2009, School of Engineering, Berkeley, CA
- Rachel Williams 2007, School of Engineering, Bridgeport, WV
- Aiden Crook G, School of Science, U.K.
- Mesrob Ohannessian G, School of Engineering, Lebanon

Legacy Award--for a sustained and outstanding contribution to the MIT community
- Raja Bobbili 2007, School of Engineering, Zambia

Organizational Excellence Award--for positive contributions to the MIT community; outstanding events or other programming; and/or a strong organizational structure or government
- Network of Sloan Undergraduate Women

Outstanding Event Award--for efforts to plan and implement an event or series of events that are well-run, advertised, attracted broad participation from within the MIT community and contributed to student life
- Black Women's Alliance
- Veritas Forum
- European Career Fair

Philanthropy Award--for coordinating a philanthropy effort or event that raised awareness and funds for a particular charity
- Amnesty International

Strength and Conviction Award--for laboring on behalf of a group to overcome challenges while showing dedication to his or her organization and campus life
- Jehanzeb Noor G, Mechanical Engineering, Pakistan


A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 6, 2007 (download PDF).

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