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MIT students weather downpours

Heavy afternoon downpours flooded roads throughout the Boston area on Wednesday, but the day was not a total washout at MIT.

"This is the best kind of weather," said materials science and engineering graduate student Benjamin Wunsch, who said he lost his umbrella sometime last fall. "I was too cheap to buy a new one," he said. "I am a graduate student."

Wunsch, who was literally dripping wet, insisted the weather was "a lot of fun."

Sophomore biology major Anne Liu was less excited by the wet weather. "It was not that bad when I came out, so I thought I did not need an umbrella," she said while waiting to dash across Massachusetts Avenue. "I guess I just have to get a little wet. I still have to do the things I have to do."

Cambridge Police Officer Douglas Murrell was assigned to Massachusetts Avenue to help with traffic flow on Wednesday, July 6. As of 2 p.m., the construction had not stopped and was to continue through the afternoon. "Normally construction crews stop when the weather is like this, but these guys just kept on going," said Murrell, who managed to stay pretty dry under the concrete awning at 77 Massachusetts Ave. "We had a 20-30 minute break from the rain in the morning, but after that, it just has not stopped."

The rain was expected to slow to a drizzle overnight, but the wet weather was predicted to last through Saturday evening.

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