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Chemistry awards

All students are chemistry majors unless otherwise indicated.

School of Science Dean's Educational and Student Advising Award
- Robert W. Field, the Haslam and Dewey Professor of Chemistry
- Susan Brighton, senior administrative assistant for graduate programs

Alpha Chi Sigma Award--for distinguished scholastic achievement, originality and breadth of interest in chemistry
- Torsak Luanphaisarnnont '05, Bangkok, Thailand

CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award
- Emily Tsui '08, Potomac. Md.

Strem Prize--for excellence in undergraduate research
- Torsak Luanphaisarnnont '05, Bangkok, Thailand

Chemistry Research Award
- Andrew Danford '05, Omaha, Neb.
- Jillian Dempsey '05, Summit, N.J.
- Karen C. O'Brien '05, Claremont, Calif.

Chemistry Service Award
- Stavroula Hatzios '05, Blacksburg, Va.
- Caroline Saouma '05, Boulder, Colo.
- Katherine Wu '05, Mesa, Ariz.

Frederick D. Greene Teaching Award
- Jillian Dempsey '05, Summit, N.J.

Hypercube Scholar Award--for outstanding contributions to the advancement of computers in teaching
- Kendra Bussey '05, Pittsfield, N.Y.

American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award--for outstanding achievement, ability, leadership and character
- Torsak Luanphaisarnnont '05, Bangkok, Thailand

ACS Analytical Chemistry Award--for achievement by a junior in analytical chemistry
- Sarah Mahlstedt '06, Boulder, Colo.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 1, 2005 (download PDF).

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