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119 retire from Institute

Paul Desharnais and his wife Irene at the MIT retirement dinner held June 22, 2004 at the MIT Faculty Club.
Paul Desharnais and his wife Irene at the MIT retirement dinner held June 22, 2004 at the MIT Faculty Club.
Photo / Traci Swartz

One hundred and nineteen newly retired MIT employees were honored at a Faculty Club dinner on June 22.

The new retirees (84 from campus and 35 from Lincoln Laboratory) averaged 25.7 years of service. The record-holder in this year's group -- those who retired between August 2003 and June 2004 -- was Henry P. McCabe, who worked at Lincoln Lab for 51 years.

The list of new retirees, together with their most recent department and years of service, is below.

Mary C. Aldridge, Research Lab of Electronics (21)
Arthur L. Anger, Information Services and Technology (IS&T) (32)
Linda I. Audin, MIT Medical (34)
Robert P. Baker, Lincoln Lab (33)
Maria Barbosa, Facilities (17)
Stephanie J. Bird, Office of the Provost (25)
Thomas Buretta, Haystack Observatory (41)
Roger W. Burgess, Lincoln Lab (26)
Richard W. Bush, Lincoln Lab (37)
Maria M. Cabral, President's House (15)
James Patrick Cappucci, MIT Police (24)
James Carney, Delivery Process (45)
Jeanne A. Cavanaugh, IS&T (19)
John A. Centorino, Materials Processing Center (29)
Seichoong Chang, Lincoln Lab (23)
Sandra Chauncey, Student Financial Services (15)
Audrey Jones Childs, Biotechnology Process Engineering Center (34)
Laurence Cohen, MIT Press (30)
Michael Comer, Lincoln Lab (16)
Phyllis Crerie, Support Process (15)
Louis A. Cronin, IS&T (35)
Judith A. DeGraan, MIT Medical (13)
Virginia Demers, MIT Medical (30)
Paul A. Desharnais, Facilities (25)
Louis S. DiPalma, Lincoln Lab (31)
Orlander Ellis, Facilities (16)
David H. Enggren, Lincoln Lab (35)
Robert J. Enos, Facilities (29)
Joan D. Farrell, Human Resources (35)
Ann S. Ferullo, Document Services (36)
Franklin M. Fisher, Economics (44)
Joan I. Fleming, Housing (11)
David T. Flett, Campus Activities Complex (29)
Cordelia Foell, Resource Development (14)
Constance L. Follows, Office of the Dean for Student Life (14)
Grace C. Foti, Controller's Accounting Office (31)
Thalia Garalis, Ocean Engineering (30)
Richard J. Gaudette Sr., Lincoln Lab (41)
Michael L. Glover, MIT Medical (24)
Bruce L. Goodchild, Libraries (32)
Robert A. Graham-Munn, Lincoln Lab (23)
Carole F. Gunning, Resource Development (13)
John Haggerty, Materials Processing Center (27)
J. Michael Hart, Lincoln Lab (43)
Robert L. Harvey, Lincoln Lab (32)
Gregory E. Heath, Lincoln Lab (27)
David J. Hogarth, IS&T (13)
Carol J. Hughes, Provost's Office (31)
Lois E. Hurst, Corporate Relations/Industrial Liaison Program (12)
Anastasia J. Janus, Controller's Accounting Office/Housing and Dining (27)
Martha R. Jennings, Gray House (21)
Barbara A. Jordan, Lincoln Lab (19)
Robert F. Kane, Mechanical Engineering (35)
Leili L. Khachatrian, Center for Cancer Research (6)
Sungsil K. Kim, Libraries (31)
Daniel F. Kostishack, Lincoln Lab (37)
Rita Krichker, MIT Medical (10)
Richard T. Lacoss, Lincoln Lab (39)
Raymond R. LaFrey, Lincoln Lab (35)
Harold R. Larson, Materials Science and Engineering (15)
Graham D. Law, Lincoln Lab (25)
Virginia R. Leavy, Center for Real Estate (17)
Thomas P. Lloyd, Lincoln Lab (27)
Nan Lux, System Dynamics Group (16)
Thomas Lyons, Lab for Nuclear Science (47)
Nicholas Marino, Facilities (13)
Bruce Mazlish, History (50)
Harry P. McCabe, Lincoln Lab (51)
Edward McCluney, Office of the Provost (17)
Richard B. McSheehy, Lincoln Lab (31)
Phillips B. Moore, Treasurer's Office (14)
Ernest R. Morrison, Facilities (18)
Charlotte A. Morse, Office of Sponsored Programs (31)
Janet C. Moses, MIT Medical (13)
John D. Murray, MIT Police (19)
Rose M. Needham, Campus Activities Complex (19)
Gary D. Nixon, Lab for Nuclear Science (26)
Leslie M. Novak, Lincoln Lab (26)
Helen O'Brien, IS&T (20)
Dennis E. Olden, Lincoln Lab (46)
Donald A. Paquet Sr., Lincoln Lab (21)
James J. Pates Jr., Lincoln Lab (16)
Shirley M. Picardi, Financial Systems Services (28)
William L. Porter, Department of Architecture (38)
Elizabeth Ann Pothier, Treasurer's Office (24)
Brenda P. Ridley, Facilities (14)
Claire C. Ryan, Lincoln Lab (25)
Helen W. Samuels, Office of the Provost (27)
Ralph J. Santora, DAPER/Facilities (25)
Maria A. Santos, Human Resources (14)
James A. Scales Sr., Service Process (36)
Fitz C. Scantlebury, Housing (16)
Robert C. Schweida, Lincoln Lab (23)
Richard J. Sirois, Facilities (14)
Maria A. Solha, Clinical Research Center (14)
David A. Spencer, Lincoln Lab (32)
John F. Splaine, Lincoln Lab (37)
Carl M. Steinmetz, Lincoln Lab (43)
Paula M. Stone, Corporate Relations/Industrial Liaison Program (13)
Sandra L. Stowers, Lincoln Lab (20)
Barbara Y. Stuart, Office of Student Discipline (11)
Nathaniel H. Swartz, Lincoln Lab (18)
Sylvester Szczepanowsk, Brain and Cognitive Sciences (26)
Judith J. Thomson, Linguistics and Philosophy (40)
Donald E. Troxel, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (46)
Benjamin F. Trull Jr., Lincoln Lab (17)
Elaine Plummer Turano, Center for Environmental Health Science (20)
Patricia L. Turner, Media Lab (21)
Cynthia M. Vanaria, Lincoln Lab (23)
Salvatore Vittoria, Facilities (23)
Joseph M. Walsh, Microsystems Technology Laboratories (35)
Ronald B. Ward, MIT Police (10)
Sarah E. Webb, Lincoln Lab (25)
E. Donald Weiner, Aeronautics and Astronautics (36)
Gene F. Wesinger Sr., Lincoln Lab (16)
Clarence G. Williams, Office of the President (31)
Mathilde Wood, Leaders for Manufacturing Program (12)
Tawney A. Wray, Support Process (17)
Edward J. Zibkowski, Lab for Nuclear Science (37)

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