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MIT benefits from Microsoft Agreement

Information Services and Technology (IS&T) has negotiated and funded a Microsoft Campus Agreement for Windows operating systems and Client Access Licenses (CALs). This agreement grants MIT faculty, staff and undergraduate students the right to use Windows XP Professional and subsequent operating system releases from Microsoft.

IS&T has also negotiated a second agreement funded by participating departments for Microsoft Office Professional for Macintosh and Windows. This agreement gives departments, labs and centers further cost savings compared to the Microsoft Select agreement available through GovConnection.

To learn more about or to participate in this program, please contact the Software Release Team at Also visit the IS&T web site at in the near future for the latest information regarding these agreements.

Google search implemented

IS&T has launched a phased rollout of Google at MIT that will seamlessly replace the free Google search on the MIT home page that is run by Google with a licensed version of Google run by IS&T. By running its own installation of Google, MIT can increase the frequency of indexing and better control its completeness. In addition, search results can be returned in a look and feel that is customizable by each department's webmaster. This implementation of Google does not index images.

IS&T will continue to support the Inktomi search engine until departments have migrated their web site search forms from Inktomi to Google. Within the next few weeks, IS&T will provide examples of Google search forms on the web, as well as tips for maximizing search engine ranking and customizing the look and feel of the search results.

If users have comments after trying the new Google search form on the MIT home page (the default search option), please send e-mail to

Usability Lab expands

The IS&T Usability Lab in N42 has reopened for business. Over the summer, the Usability Team reconfigured the lab to provide a more spacious observing room and a more comfortable test room. While the Usability Team is still working with a simple video and monitor broadcast system between the two rooms, team members are experimenting with software that creates QuickTime movies that combine images of the tester and the tester's monitor. MIT community members who are interested in seeing the Usability Lab or discussing a project for testing, should send e-mail to or see the web site at

New phone and network rates set

IS&T has worked with a cross-Institute team of administrative officers and other key network and telephone users to develop rates for these services for FY06. Effective July 1, 2005, most departments, labs and centers will see a lower total cost for telephony and network services. For details on these rates, see and

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A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on November 17, 2004 (download PDF).

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