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IS&T to change support for Mac OS

Apple Computer has been reducing support for Mac OS 9 since the Mac OS X was released in March 2001; since May 2001, all Macintoshes have shipped with Mac OS X already installed. Likewise, most vendors developing software for the Macintosh are providing Mac OS X versions only. IS&T has supported Mac OS 10.2 for some time, and announced support for Mac OS X 10.3 in March.

As of June 30, IS&T will significantly reduce levels of effort for Mac OS 9 and recommends that Macintosh users in the community migrate to Mac OS X before then. The department has already distributed 1,000 Mac OS X 10.3 licenses, and has negotiated with Apple for an additional 500 licenses. For details about license registration, go to

For more information about Mac OS at MIT, see

Help Nextel improve cell phone reception

Nextel recently added a new transmitter to the clock tower on Main Street in Kendall Square, and reception for Nextel cell phones in East Campus has improved markedly. To improve service elsewhere on campus, Nextel is asking its users to e-mail word of known "dead spots" at MIT to (The Stata Center is being dealt with under a separate initiative.)

For more information about cell phone services on campus, see

Improvements to MIT WebMail

IS&T recently upgraded the MIT WebMail service. The new version includes various feature upgrades requested by the MIT community:
--Better handling of session time-outs to prevent loss of composed mail
--Ability to save personal options across sessions
--Ability to delete all the messages in a folder without viewing them
--Option to open the Compose window in the same browser window (better for sending e-mail using a PDA)

IS&T services move

As part of a plan to create a consolidated walk-in center for clients, IS&T has relocated the MIT Computer Connection (MCC) showroom and Volume License Software Distribution from the Student Center to Building N42 at 211 Massachusetts Ave.

MCC staff members provide pre-sales consulting advice to help shoppers select computer products. Demo equipment is now located in the lobby of N42. This is still just a showroom and not a store, but you can buy from MIT's vendor partners online at

Volume License Software Distribution offers avenues for community members to obtain licensed software, such as operating systems and specialized engineering applications. For details, see

These moves represent the first phase of the relocation of IS&T services from Building W20 to Building N42. PC Service and Athena Consulting functions will move to N42 before the end of June.

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A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 14, 2004.

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