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Construction Update

Building 18

The lobby of the Dreyfus Building will be renovated starting in early April. Because of concrete excavation, window removal and other work, pedestrians will be detoured to the south side of the site and possibly to the sidewalk along Building 14N.

Building 48

Construction is complete and occupants are moving back into the building.

Stata Center

Occupants have begun moving into both the Gates and Dreyfoos towers on floors two through nine. Paver installation is proceeding as dictated by weather conditions.

Massachusetts Avenue

Preliminary sewer work is scheduled to begin this week along Massachusetts Avenue between Vassar Street and Memorial Drive. This City of Cambridge project is scheduled to take approximately five days. Pedestrian traffic may be rerouted.

Brain and cognitive sciences project

Structural steel detail work, fireproofing and electrical work are underway. Installation of storm drain piping and vent piping continues.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on March 31, 2004.

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