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Quotes from the crowd

The crowd listens intently at Thursday's anti-war rally
The crowd listens intently at Thursday's anti-war rally
Photo / Donna Coveney

Ken Taylor

Graduate student in electrical engineering and computer science

"I'm here because I believe that by starting this war we're violating international agreements and that's more dangerous to peace than what Iraq's doing itself. The best outcome is that the United States actually wages a humanitarian war and concentrates only on military targets. And the U.N. makes the United States face consequences for not following its decisions."

Karla Woolfork

Adminstrative assistant at MIT Medical

"I'm here because I want people to know that you can love your troops and support your troops and still be against war. We don't want anyone to get killed over there, but at the same time, it's wrong."

Tilke Judd

Senior in mathematics

"I feel very uneducated because I'm continuously at work on my math and science at MIT. But I saw posters all over and I walked outside and saw the rally so I decided to stop in."

Matt Grein

Postdoctoral fellow in Research Laboratory of Electronics

"I'm here to show support against the hostilities beginning in Iraq. I don't support the current U.S.-led war, at least not given the current political pretext. Almost as important as the action is the pretext and the sense of unity amongst the member nations of the U.N. Security Council."

Alice Graham

Administrative assistant at MIT Medical

"I hope that the death is minimized. I hope we don't lose too many people or that too many Iraqis are killed. I hope that a lot of the Iraqi soldiers give themselves up."

Jenny Smith

Ph.D. candidate in Program in History and Social Study of Science and Technology

"I think it's really important for MIT students to show support for the larger community of people who are against this war. I think that MIT has something of a reputation for being a community of engineers and mathematicians who are by and large apolitical. But from my classes and my own cohort I know that that's not true."

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