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Hometown Heroes

Snippets from news stories about members of the Class of 2007
Emily Gullotti

Stonington High School,

Stonington, Conn.

Emily Gullotti, the valedictorian, approaches the classroom with curiosity and confidence. "I took challenging classes because I wanted to challenge myself," she told the Mystic River Press. "I didn't do it for anyone else. I don't remember any time when I've been so stressed out I couldn't take it. I guess I just manage time well."

Gullotti has a black belt in karate and competed in crew for four years. She is a voracious reader, counting "Anna Karenina," "Gone With the Wind" and the Harry Potter books among her favorites. Her summer job at a local beach gives her lots of time to satisfy her bookish bent. "It's the best job in the world--I basically get paid to read," she said.

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