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Construction Update

Stata Center

Waterproofing inspection is ongoing, as is landscape and utility work between the Stata Center and Building 56. Work above the garage entrance may temporarily close entrance or exit lanes, though one access lane in each direction will remain open at all times. The project is scheduled for completion in the spring.

Vassar streetscape

Vassar Street is now open to two-way traffic, with cones and barrels in place to temporarily delineate lanes. A temporary pedestrian crosswalk midway between Massachusetts Avenue and Main Street is in place. Painting of permanent lines is scheduled to take place tonight (Sept. 10) from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., when the street will be closed to vehicular traffic.

Brain and cognitive sciences project

Fencing adjustments continue at the site perimeter. Casting of pile caps and beams continues. A large crane to lift steel trusses and girders above the railroad tracks is being assembled. Albany Street and Main Street will be narrowed to accommodate steel erection, and parking on both sides of Main Street from Albany Street to the railroad crossing will be eliminated. Pedestrian sidewalks along the site will be moved into the street and protected with barriers.

Memorial Drive

Work continues on storm drainage reconstruction, curb relocation and backfilling of the excavated area. Traffic at the Massachusetts Avenue underpass may be reduced to one lane during off-peak hours.

NECCO Building conversion

Dump truck traffic will continue on Cross Street as excavation continues. Cross Street adjacent to Edgerton House will be partially blocked by cranes, and parking may be restricted. Noise, dust and increased traffic will occur. Demolition, excavation and concrete work for the new parking garage are under way on the southern end of the site. The sidewalk on the north side of Albany Street is blocked. Construction of the parking garage has begun. The entire project is scheduled to be completed in April.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 10, 2003.

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