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Construction update

Building 39/35 security gate

Initial road paving is complete. Minor pedestrian detours may occur as landscaping and new sidewalks are installed.

Vassar Street utilities

Steam manhole work on Main Street near Building 48 will continue for several weeks, possibly affecting pedestrian and traffic flow. Pedestrians will be diverted around the work area at Main Street and Building 48 as work progresses.

Stata Center

The Stata Center garage is now open for parking. Glass is being installed at the Dreyfoos light court. Ongoing work includes waterproofing inspection and window installation; landscape and utility work in the south quadrant between Stata and buildings 56, 16 and 26; erection of primary structural steel; and work on a detention pond and landscaping between the Alumni Pool and buildings 56 and 16. Odor and dust control measures are in effect.

Vassar streetscape

The exit lane from Building 39 will be closed for one week to allow for construction of a new roadway. Traffic will enter and exit at the west side of Building 39. Continuing walkway construction between Main Street and Massachusetts Avenue may cause shifts in pedestrian access routes.

Brain and cognitive sciences project

Removal of an abandoned steam pile from the Vassar Street sidewalk is complete. Workers continue to drive test piles and extract subgrade material below the Building 45 site.

Memorial Drive

Work continues on the removal of the third travel lane and the parking aisle on the eastbound side of Memorial Drive, and on the underpass bridge at the Massachusetts Avenue intersection. Two travel lanes will be open during the peak morning hours but minor delays should be expected.

NECCO building conversion

Steel sheeting and pile-driving has been completed. Cross Street between Necco and Edgerton House will frequently be blocked by cranes and other construction equipment. Demolition, excavation and concrete work for the new parking garage are underway. The sidewalk on the north side of Albany Street is blocked.

Baker House

Window installation at the east end of the building continues, as does stucco restoration, window removal and window installation at the north stairs. 177.


A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2003.

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