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Class of 2003 by the numbers

View of Killian Court from the roof of Building 10.
View of Killian Court from the roof of Building 10.
Photo / Donna Coveney

Degrees awarded

Doctor's degrees: 213

Engineer's degrees: 5

Master's degrees: 1,096

Bachelor of Science: 1,171

By school

Architecture and Planning: 115

Engineering: 1,255

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: 107

Management: 589

Science: 409

Whitaker College of Health Sciences and Technology: 10


Degrees: 2,485

Recipients: 2,202


Men: 1,451

Women: 751

Minorities: 655

Underrepresented minorities: 192

(Source: Office of the Registrar)

Future plans

Employment: 522

Ph.D.: 130

M.S.: 88

M.D.: 36

J.D.: 4

M.A.: 3

M.B.A.: 1

Other: 44

(Source: MIT Careers Office Graduating Student Survey, which had 937 respondents as of June 4)

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 12, 2003.

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