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MIT adds phone exchange

At the end of September, MIT added a new telephone exchange - 324 - to its campus system.

This new exchange, which brings MIT's number of phone exchanges to seven, will help meet MIT's growing demand for telephone services, including voice, fax and data transmission. The 324 exchange is already being used to fulfill requests for new telephone service. (The other MIT exchanges are 225, 252, 253, 258, 452 and 577.)

The dialing pattern for the 324 exchange is the same as those for MIT's other exchanges:

  • From MIT phones, including residences: enter the five-digit extension (for example, 4-1234)
  • From outside MIT: enter the full 10-digit number, including the 617 area code (617-324-1245)
  • Tie-lines from other institutions: enter the tie-line access code and then the five-digit extension (183-4-1234).

Information Systems telephone support reminds everyone to help off-campus callers by giving the 617 area code and the full seven-digit MIT phone number on messages, web pages, correspondence, letterhead, business cards and other forms of communication.

For questions about MIT's telephone service, contact the telephone customer service representatives at 253-3677 or e-mail For information about MIT's phone numbers, click here.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 2, 2002.

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