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MacVicar nominations open

Members of the MIT community are invited to nominate MacVicar Faculty Fellow candidates. Nominations should be submitted by Friday, Oct. 25 to the Provost's Office (Room 3-208).

The MacVicar Fellows Program aims to recognize outstanding teachers of undergraduates and to enhance undergraduate education at MIT. Any member of the MIT community may submit nominations. Along with three supporting letters from students, nominations should include a letter documenting the contributions of the nominee, three supporting letters from faculty members, a curriculum vitae of the nominee, and an endorsement by his or her department head.

All tenured, full-time members of the regular faculty are eligible for appointment as a MacVicar Faculty Fellow. Junior faculty are eligible for three-year fellowships. These are convertible to regular 10-year fellowships if tenure occurs.

The program honors the life and contributions of Professor Margaret MacVicar (S.B. 1965), MIT's first dean for undergraduate education. Professor MacVicar, a physicist, founded UROP (the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) and played a key role in rethinking and reshaping the undergraduate program during her tenure as dean. She died in 1991 at age 47.

For more information about the program and nomination process, click here or contact Helen Samuels (258-0310, or Joan O'Brien (253-3036,

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 2, 2002.

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