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May 24 deadline announced for awards lists in Tech Talk

MIT Tech Talk plans to publish the names of students, faculty and staff who won departmental and Institute awards in the June 5 issue, which will be available to families at Commencement.

Articles containing this information should to be sent via email to no later than Friday, May 24.

Awards articles should be sent within an email or as an attached Microsoft Word text file and should provide information in the following order: award, recipient's first name, last name, class, academic department by name, home town and state. For example: "The Smith Award for outstanding thesis in the field of transportation was presented to Jane C. Doe, a sophomore in civil and environmental engineering from Anytown, Conn."

Information sent in another format may be returned to the sender for editing. Do not send spreadsheets, tables or other formats.

Please send your article as soon as possible. Assembling this information and arranging it for publication takes time, so getting complete information early is essential.

If your awards have been decided but not yet presented, please indicate. All awards information will be kept confidential until published on June 5.

Contact Denise Brehm at x3-2704 or with questions.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 1, 2002.

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