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Chemistry department makes awards to 17

The Department of Chemistry recently presented a series of awards for departmental achievements.

The Merck Index Award for outstanding scholarship went to Alexandra Ianculescu of Simi Valley, Calif., a senior in chemistry, electrical engineering and computer science, and foreign languages and literatures; and to Ryan Zeidan , a senior in chemistry and chemical engineering from Kentwood, Mich.

Neal Devaraj , a senior in chemistry and biology from Manhattan Beach, Calif., and Michael Torrice , a senior in chemistry from Chelmsford, won Alpha Chi Sigma Awards, given in recognition of achievement in research, scholarship and service to the department.

The Hypercube Scholar Award for outstanding achievement in computational chemistry was presented to Tetsuya Matsuguchi , a senior in chemistry and biology from Saitama-ken, Japan. The ACS Analytical Chemistry Award for outstanding achievement by a junior in analytical chemistry was given to Zhi-Heng Loh of Singapore.

The American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award in recognition of outstanding achievement, ability, leadership and character was given to Ahmed Ghazi , a senior in chemistry from Cairo. The CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award for outstanding academic achievement in chemistry was received by Woon Teck Yap , a freshman from Singapore.

The Frederick D. Greene Teaching Award went to Bogdan Fedeles , a senior in chemistry and biology from Buzau, Romania, and Herb Chen , a senior in chemistry from Lexington.

Three seniors received the Chemistry Undergraduate Service Award for service to the department: Neena Kadaba of Capistrano Beach, Calif.; Amy Katz of River Vale, N.J.; and Amy Tyszkiewicz of Sayreville, N.J.

Chemistry Undergraduate Research Awards went to chemistry seniors Gitrada Arjara of Bronx, N.Y.; Adam Silverman of Pomona, N.Y.; and Dylan Stiles of Newton. The Strem Prize for excellence in undergraduate research was presented at the annual undergraduate research symposium to Han Sen Soo , a senior in chemistry from Singapore.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 5, 2002.

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