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Homeland and global security web site launched

MIT has launched a new web site, "Homeland and Global Security," to focus on research, education, people, discussions and events that are related to the issues raised by the Sept. 11 attacks a year ago.

"MIT has a long and distinguished history of public service, and continues to contribute to the betterment of the nation and the world," the introduction states. "To respond to the latest challenges posed by the events of Sept. 11, President Vest convened an interdisciplinary committee to assess how our institutional assets and capabilities can be applied to these challenges." The Committee on Human Life and Infrastructure was chaired by Alice Gast, vice president for research, and Claude Canizares, associate provost.

The web site, which is still growing and will be continually updated, lists six areas of research, 10 experts and 16 courses that deal with Sept. 11 issues. The research categories are transportation security, chemical and biological defense, international relations, computational modeling and cognitive systems, and risk assessment.

A sampling of the course titles includes "Out of Ground Zero: Catastrophe and Memory," "Network and Computer Security," "The Airline Industry," "Contending Theories of International Relations," "U.S. Military Power," "Ethnicity and Race in World Politics," "American Science: Ethical Conflicts and Political Choices," "Political Change in South Asia," and "Technology in a Dangerous World."

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